ライプツィヒのアンダーグラウンドシーン育ちのLuxは洗練され、センシティブなテイストが持ち味のセレクターだ。ライプツィヒのクラブConne IslandでDJとしてのキャリアを磨き、UKそしてデトロイトに触発されたテーマを元に、ハウス、アンビエント、テクノやエレクトロのチャネリング的なサウンドを808の思いバスドラムに乗せて発信する。

Emerging from Leipzig’s flourishing underground, Lux’ selections are of refined taste and sensitivity. First given chance to hone her craft as a DJ at Conne Island, she purports a sound of heavy 808 bass drums which underpin the UK and Detroit-inspired themes of her sets, channelling sounds of House, Ambient, Techno and Electro.
Following her past time with Weimar collective Giegling, she’s now based in Berlin where her ability to plunge dancefloors into a subtle mode of listening is still significant. Her sets naturally ebb and flow from trippy to downbeat, from intricate to playful, dubby to uplifting and the atmosphere she creates in the process is nothing short of unique.